BMW S1000RR 2016 Ecu Tuning

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“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” I think this quote is more apt than any other when talking about this bike. The 2016 BMW s1000rr is a one of the highest peaks you could find, particularly in term of motorcycle technology. The BMS-X ECU installed… continue reading »

BMW F800R Ecu Tuning

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    “Don’t you just hate it when the power isn’t where you want it to be?” That was the greeting I got as Darragh rolled into the workshop the other day. I had been expecting him to show up at any minute but that’s still not the thing you expect out of motorcycle rider,… continue reading »

KTM RC8R Tuning

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We recently had a fine example of a KTM RC8R in for some custom dyno ecu tuning as the customer had fit a new exhaust end can and high flow air filter. We were aiming to improve performance and to provide a smoother more rideable KTM.

Yamaha MT09

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The Problem: This MT09 was dropped to me for some custom ecu tuning as the customer was having trouble low down in the tps rpm area with snatchy throttle.When up on the dyno we would derestricts the ecu and fully customize the ecu to the bike for a smoother riding experience.