KTM Adventure 990 Tuning

So i recently had a KTM 990 adventure in for some custom dyno tuning. The customer of the KTM was finding the bike so hard to ride at low speed,part throttle positions basically the bike was like an on off switch !



Stop or go at low speed no in between. The KTM was also fitted with some aftermarket exhausts and a high flow air filter.

The main aim was to make the bike easier to ride and to make more usable torque/power.

What we did :

Firstly we read the ecu on the bike and analysed the ecu information. The bike was then placed on the dyno and sweep tests / step and hold test were carried out and logged.

With the custom flash process the bike is fine tuned with the information received both from the dyno and from the live logging information so the best efficiency and power can be gained from your motorcycle . All areas (throttle positions & rpm ) are edited where needed. Mostly all areas need editing even from a standard ecu in a standard bike .

Results :

With the adventure we acheived apx 5 bhp throughout the whole rpm range and improved on fuel efficiency . The low down on of switch like issue was also ironed out as we spend most of our time tuning in the rideable area not only in wide open throttle position.


Customer review :

The bike is completly changed, knew it was good before i left the yard. The whole bike is now much calmer. Cant get over the difference. Thanks for your time.

Pete ( Newry Northern Ireland)


Full Custom :

The full custom process on dyno tune costs €450 with print outs before and after and takes apx 5 hours .

Postal :

Send us your ecu we flash it to your modifications from our on dyno custom tunes and resend it back to you €350
postage Inc (standard registered an post) courier postal services must be requested and have additional charge.

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