Yamaha Tracer FZ/MT 09 Full Exhaust System Tuning

So we had Derek from allmoto/megabikes  Yamaha tracer back on the dyno for some tuning as a full exhaust sytem was now the next mod he decided to go for .Nice and simple to fit,remove the center stand, unbolt the ori system and away you go. Very easy to fit indeed. So initially when we put the bike on the dyno we flashed the ecu back to standard state so to see what the actual gains were from just bolting on a full exhaust system with no ecu trickery. The results below are a standard tracer (std exhaust/ filter no ecu mods ) And then with the full exhaust system just bolted on .

Tracer standard exhaust

When we had all needed from the standard flash the custom tuning began all restrictions were removed runs logged for tps and ignition timing + live lambda values . Many flashes later we achieved the results below. Results below are with standard air filter .

Tracer standard exhaust

Once we had a custom flash built for a full exhaust system and standard air filter we then fit the Yamaha Tracer with a high flow air filter and began the custom flash process again . High flow air filter full exhaust system custom flash results in picture below .


Yamaha Tracer K+N



Cost :

Custom on dyno : €400

Postal service:

Send your ecu we flash with our custom tunes for your configuration ,free return postage ( standard registered an post postage) Courier postage must be requested and will have an additional charge .€350 click here  Yamaha tracer flash



Enquiries to [email protected]

Tracer full exhaust