Terms & Conditions


  • When your motorcycle is being presented for tuning please make sure you have all the bullet point’s followed
  • At least half a tank of fuel
  • Recently serviced
  • Good air filter, Spark plugs, ETC
  • Tyre, chain and sprockets are in good condition
  • No fluid leaks, oil/coolant/fuel. Lets keep our dyno clean !!
  • Dyno tuning will put your motorcycle (engine,gearbox,drive train) under a lot stress during the tuning process, please be aware that we are not held responsible for any failure’s on our dyno due to poor maintenance and or underlying mechanical issue’s. If you are not comfortable with this do not get you motorcycle tuned.


  • Underlying issues i.e miss fire / tps issue / fuel pressure/ fuel pump issue, injector, throttle body balance etc will be fault found before tuning and are not covered under the same tuning price quoted. Fault finding is priced @ €85 per hour plus vat.