Suzuki B-King Ecu Tuning

This Suzuki B-King was dropped to me for some custom ecu tuning as the customer was having trouble low down in the tps rpm area with snatchy throttle as he had fit some aftermarket end cans, high flow air filter and removed the catalytic converter .When up on the dyno we would derestricts the ecu and fully customize the ecu to the bike for a smoother riding experience. 



What was done :

The bike was first run on the dyno at wide open throttle to see max power and torque figures . The ecu was then taken from the B-King and the information extracted. The B-King has quite a lot of restrictions in the ecu inc top speed limiter ,gear limiting restrictions with gear dependent fuel tables. At wide open throttle the B-King fueled quite well so not much gains could be had via fuel changes. After some time removing restrictions and editing the ecu we achieved some pretty impressive gains.When our wide open throttle runs were complete we then altered fueling in the all positions so power delivery was linear and the bike would be an easier to ride .

Blue : Standard ecu flash

Red: Custom ecu flash


Customer Testimonial :

Bike pulls like a train acceleration is fantastic and the bike is very smooth . Thank you

James (Ireland)


Cost :

Postal : Send your ecu to us we flash your ecu with our custom dyno built flashes return postage included (an post postal service ) €350. Click the link for our postal service.

Suzuki Bking ecu tuning


Ride in : Bring you bike to us we remove your ecu flash and refit  €350

Custom dyno Flash : Bring your bike to us for a full custom tune , Dyno print outs before and after . This process takes apx 4-5 hours  €450


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