2016 Yamaha R1 Ecu Tuning


It’s that time again people,


Story time,by your favorite motorcycle tuners as they endeavor to delivery the pinnacle in motorcycle excellence … Also known as a couple of dudes sitting in a garage turning already quick bikes into absolute sledgehammers.


This particularly good example of a R1 was already sporting some victories on its quest for greatness, but it knew deep down that it wasn’t at it’s full potential. Too much room was left on the table for this little motor to call it a day and retire knowing it had done all it could. So, enter the Mototuning team and our particular bag of lunacy.

We had a little chat amongst ourselves and after a little head scratching and beard rubbing we came to the very rare and elusive conclusion that more power is never a bad thing. Up the power, Up the grin factor …. Simple really! But how to get said power?! Luckily for this little R1, this is something we do pretty damn well and one of the ways is to get the engine to breathe easier and then tune the nuts out of it!


Right then, plan sorted, the R1’s exhaust system was already sporting a Akrapovic end can from one of its previous quests. We just decided to continue in that fashion and went for a full system conversion on the exhaust. We just so happen to have a de-cat link pipe in our bag of goodies, so out with the spanners and get down to the oily bits.


Incase your not sure what a de-cat pipe is, its a pipe designed to replace you catalytic converter. The cat itself is there to clean the exhaust gases of harmful contaminants. However, it also acts as a kind of resistor in the exhaust system and can make it difficult for the engine to push exhaust fumes out of the combustion camber of the bike. not only does the de-cat pipe let the bike breathe a whole lot better it also saves a massive amount of weight in the process.  Personally I think Colin chapman said it the best


“Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere”.


Two thumbs … way … way up on that end, happy days.



So now that we got the weight down and the engine breathing e a whole lot easier its time to crank up the power. Thats right, it’s that time again people … Dyno time !!!  


The entire process of getting the bike up on Dyno, getting a reading, altering the map, back up on the Dyno ….wash, rinse, repeat until you get results you desire is one we’re so familiar with I can’t even describe it. And It just so happens to be something we do extremely well. Oh and by the way, to have hours and hours of my life reduced down to two lines is seriously disturbing. Dyno tuning a bike takes a massive amount of time to do right.


But it’s absolutely worth it!


The bike rev’s so much more freely and the pull from the engine across the rev range is nothing short of astounding. Its very difficult to crack the throttle fully open and not grin like a lunatic. Oh, and the noise, the noise is spectacular. That Akrapovic end can has so much more to work with to give those sweet rumbles and pops all the time now.


So thats it, job done, mission complete, this little R1 can go off and rest easy knowing its done all it can. It can go out in world with its head held high daring all to pick up the cause and strive to their version of perfection. And that is a cause that we are more then willing to get involved in.


If you too have felt the calling of the cause and want to get involved simply get in touch and let us, armed with our particular brand of lunacy, help you and your get motorcycle get a little closer perfection.