KTM 990 Superduke

KTM 990 Superduke

Ive always loved the superdukes and this bike is now a well sorted one. I previously rode this very bike around a well known spanish race track about a year ago, mind you i only got a couple of laps on it but gelled with it straight away. It was always lacking a bit of power but i never got a chance to get it onto the dyno until recently. So while it was in for a new fuel pump (never run the fuel low 🙁 ) i said id get it up and see what i could do …..

The problem:

The bikes owner always had issues with low down snatchy throttle from the word go so my aim was to improve throttle response in all areas and of course to get some more power.

What was done:

The first couple of runs were very consistent around the 92 bhp mark and while riding on the dyno i notice the problem throttle positions. All the information was logged and then i moved to the next step before doing any adjustments via ECU Flash.

As you can see from the pic below this bike already had a high flow air filter fitted and standard velocity stack.


I removed the standard velocity stacks replaced with shorter stacks (RC8) and ran the bike again. Minor changes were logged but noting fantastic to be honest same figures and a small increase in torque in lower rpm areas.

20151106_150509_resized_1 20151106_150552_resized_1

There are a lot of restrictions as standard in the KTM original mapping which i removed with my first Flash in doing so released more power, then i had a base to work from with the custom Flash. After many kms on the dyno i created a full custom Flash for the 990 and acheived a nice result as seen in the graph below. Needless to say the owner was very happy ..


Results :



What it costs :

For a full custom on dyno ecu tune / Flash for this KTM model we charge €450

Postal service : Send us your ecu we flash it to your modifications from our on dyno custom tunes and resend it back to you €350
postage Inc (standard registered an post) courier postal services must be requested and have additional charge

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