Yamaha MT09

The Problem:

This MT09 was dropped to me for some custom ecu tuning as the customer was having trouble low down in the tps rpm area with snatchy throttle.When up on the dyno we would derestricts the ecu and fully customize the ecu to the bike for a smoother riding experience.


What was done :

When we first put the MT09 or MT09 Tracer on the dyno we have an issue with carrying out our 5th gear sweep (power) run test as there is a top speed limiter 225kph (speedo indication) as shown in the video below.Before we do any reading / logging we must remove this limiter then proceed with the process.


When the limiter is removed we check the bikes power with a sweep test (power run ) done at 100% throttle.When this is complete we remove the bikes ecu once again and filter out the restrictions which are via ignition and the fly by wire throttle system.Once the ecu is flashed again the custom process begins,we start by targeting the part throttle openings by hold load testing on the dyno and increasing and decreasing tps and rpm while logging the data,after this we do another 100% throttle run and log the data.With the data logged we then removed the ecu and edit the data with our logged info.This can take many flashes to complete the process.

Results :

Blue : Before

Red : After


Yamaha MT09 Ecu flash

Pricing :

Option 1 : Post in your ECU, contact me with the spec (exhaust, air filter, etc) and we can flash the ECU without the bike and is flashed with dyno built maps  Price : €350

Option 2 : Bring you bike to us and we will remove your bikes ecu and flash it with pre configured dyno flash

Price: €350

Option 3 : As in the video.Bring your bike for a custom ECU flash – Dyno print outs before and after and your bike fully customised for optimum performance  . Price:€400