Kawasaki GTR 1400 Ecu tuning

This 2010 Kawasaki GTR was dropped to me to improve low end power/torque more so in the first three gears below 3k rpm . The owner of this GTR had an aftermarket end can fitted and wanted to get the best from his GTR

The Problem:

The main complaint / problem with the GTR was low power and not great response at lower rpm. While addressing the problems i also wanted to release some power from the big 1400 Gtr engine and improve fuel economy .

Kawasaki GTR 1400

What was done :

Firstly I took a read from the bikes ECU which are very hard to get to by the way as they are hidden away and secured by anti tamper bolts in the tail section (nightmare at times). The bike was then prepped for the dyno/tuning session on the dyno .A base reading was taken before any editing took place. While driving the bike on the dyno I could see where we could improve on throttle response power and economy.

Firstly a sweep test was carried out at 100% throttle in red.

Some custom ignition editing and fuel editing with some limiter edits were carried out with the first flash to the ecu and gains were made. After some multiple runs and edits all restrictions were removed and some really nice gains were achieved.

Sweep test %100 after tuning in blue.

gtr-1400 Ecu flash


What it costs :

 Option 1 : Post in your ECU, contact me with the spec (exhaust, air filter, etc) and I can flash the ECU without the bike. Flashed with dyno built maps  Price :€350
Option 2 : Get your ECU flashed to pre configured on dyno flashes to suit your bikes configuration whether it be a full exhaust system , slip on end can or high flow air filter etc   Price: €350 click the link below for our postal service
Option 3 : Bring your bike for a custom ECU flash – this is what we did with Dave’s bike. Dyno print outs before and after and your bike fully customised for optimum performance / efficiency . Price:€400

Discounts available for forum member and group bookings!