2008 Yamaha R1 Custom ecu editing

2008 Yamaha R1 Custom ECU editing :

I was dropped up this 2008 Yamaha R1 as the customer was looking to increase the power and to smooth-en out the motorway surging at steady throttle . The customer also dropped in a decat pipe and a high flow air filter which the bike would need to be configure for .

The R1 comes with some restrictions in the lower gears which are a must to be removed  . A  fan temp edit is a good option coming into the summer also.


So what did we end up improving on the Yamaha R1 ?

This bike was running a set of Akrapovic end cans and a standard air filter so I ran it on the dyno to double check the baseline settings I’d work from.

This R1 with the Akrapovic end cans fitted had a figure of 145 bhp and just under 70 Ft/lb of torque . So we then fit the decat and air filter combo and an increase to power and torque was made .

I then spent some time building in a custom fuel map to the 2008 R1 with some ignition trickery along with some parameter edits to the ECU. All gear and throttle based restrictions are removed in this process which adds to the real on road riding feel .

With the custom process complete a great improvement was made in peak power and torque figures with much attention pay’d to part throttle openings with our step testing and hold testing dyno function , as we all know we very rarely ride around at 100% throttle .

ECU Quick shifter options are available for this model and many other . Click the link below for pricing.

Yamaha R1 ecu tuning


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