Suzuki Gsxr 1000 K7 Custom on Dyno ECU editing

more power gsxr

I was dropped in a 2007 K7 GSXR 1000 , the bike was fitted with a well know fuel control system and had some modifications ( decat,airfilter,Yoshi cans ) . The bike was ran with the fuel controller disconnected and produced 158 bhp , the fuel controller was then reconnected and after some custom mapping via the fuel controller 11 bhp was gained . The graph shows the results below.


When the full custom map was built and the optimum performance was achieved the fuel controller was then again disconnected from the bike and the bike was put back to its original state . The custom ECU Flash process began . Parameters were edited and deleted . gear restrictions were removed through ignition and secondary’s . Exhaust valve opening times were also changed . The results are on the dyno print out below. A total of 15 bhp was gained.The real feel on the road is where the ECU Flash can be really felt . Most modern motorcycle have restrictions in the lower couple of gears to tame the bike, with these removed and all throttle openings edited with a custom on dyno ECU reflash it totally transforms the riding experience.


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