Yamaha XTZ 1200 TENERE (2014 – 2015)

The tenere was dropped to me by Denis to improve ride ability , to improve throttle control and he was looking for some power gains with a custom on dyno flash as he had recently fit a high flow after market end can . Denis had owned the previous version of the tenere so was very familiar with the xtz range and there snatchy lazy throttle and there notorious factory gear restrictions .

What was done :

Firstly the bike was ran on the dyno to get our baseline figure via a sweep test (100% throttle) and a step test (this bike is generally stepped @ 50% throttle between 3500 and 5500 rpm to determined the bikes restrictions) . The graph below shows the before (blue) and after (red)  results of the removal of the gear restrictions via our ecu flash . Notice the time of the run is also reduced as the bike has more power/ torque so gets there faster , some other parameters are changed including a deceleration 0% throttle edit via ecu . Transition from off to on throttle becomes less jerky/snatchy resulting in a serious on road riding feel . xtz 1200 gear restriction removal dyno result   The next graph below shows the sweep test (power run) which is carried out at 100% throttle to determine the max power / torque output of the bike . Before flash (red) After flash (blue) . This xtz was actually quite good to start with as we can see below but power gains were made via the custom flash .  The video below shows the step and sweep process that is shown in the graphs .

Discounts available for forum member and group bookings!

xtz 1200 2014 sweep power run

Customer review :

Hi Gary.

It was good to meet you in person and to say I’m delighted doesn’t cut it. The bike has now become the bike I thought I was buying back in 2011. Then was the 1st Generation Super Tenere and I was always annoyed at performance.  Not to make this bike an out an out rocket ship but to have one that has good performance throughout the range. I proceeded to buy the 2nd Generation in April 2014 and was temporarily satisfied.  But after the year and realising it had more performance was smoother and better than the 1st I was still dissatisfied.  Then I got your contact.  No point in me saying what you done your experience can surely do that. You have given me the Tenere I wanted. Feisty but smooth through the entire range I think better mpg and now at least the throttle allows me to control what the bike does

Thank you once again.

# delighted.com.


Pricing :

Option 1 : Post in your ECU, contact me with the spec (exhaust, air filter, etc) and I can flash the ECU without the bike. Flashed with dyno built maps       Price :€350

Option 2 :Come to our workshop let us remove youe ecu and flash it to pre configured on dyno flashes to suit your bikes configuration whether it be a full exhaust system , slip on end can or high flow air filter etc   Price: €450

Option 3 : Bring your bike for a custom ECU flash – this is what we did with Dennis bike. Dyno print outs before and after and your bike fully customised for optimum performance / efficiency . Price:€400
Discounts available for forum member and group bookings!